Do you think it’s weird?

Most people I talk to about nutrition and exercise have a pretty good idea of what they should be doing on a regular basis to lose weight or gain muscle or reach whatever goals they have. I obviously like to tweak some things, but for the most part most of my new clients are on the right path, they just need more accountability or reassurance that what they are doing will work.


But, one aspect of weight loss or a lifestyle journey that is often to forgotten about, is the social aspect. Things such as dealing with your spouse who doesn’t have the same weight loss goal as you and therefore doesn’t understand why are you weighing your food. Or your friends who try to sabotage you by handing you drinks every chance they get. Or that situation at a social event when there is food, but you know you don’t need it, or those calories won’t fit into your day…yet you don’t want to be rude. What do you do?



I am giving you permission to be a little selfish 🙂 Maybe it comes across as rude to others, but your spouse, your friends, your coworkers, they are adults. They need to be adults and worry about themselves. Your goals, your health your nutritional decisions are for YOU and not for them. They need to realize that.


So, is it weird that you are doing things like weighing your food before dinner? Or, taking a picture of your meal when you’re out to eat so you remember what you ate? Or, drinking a protein shake before the party so you don’t overeat on chips?


It really isn’t. None of these things are weird. These decisions you are making are not obsessive, they are not anal, they are not weird. They are what it takes for you to see results, improve your health, realize that what you are doing IS working and in the long run be happier about your body, health and life. I think the two biggest stresses in life for most people are their health and their financial situation. We can definitely control both of those, but the ONE thing we can definitely can control is our health. Don’t let anyone take that way from you or sabotage you. Trust me, I am sabotaged almost daily and its not always intentional. I have put myself out on social media and opened up about my lifestyle, my nutritional habits and daily exercise. I have had people troll my social media posts. I have had numerous people call my habits “weird,” “anal” and “obsessive.” To these people my lifestyle habits are definitely “weird,” but to me they are normal and they are what make me happy with my health. I’m not changing them because of what other people think and neither should you. Were not in high school..don’t let that peer pressure affect the decisions you make about your health. Be the bigger adult. Now, I have written about this “selfish” topic before and it is touchy. It is hard for me to tell a mom of four kids to be more I don’t say it that directly 🙂


But, I can always remind people that “you can’t take care of the ones you love if you can’t take care of yourself first.” My most successful clients who put their health first 80-90% of the time (notice I don’t expect perfection from clients), not only see more results, but end up feeling LESS obsessed with their nutrition and health then before. It’s a strange paradox, but I feel it to. The more dialed in and in control of my nutrition and habits I am, the LESS I feel like I am being overly obsessive. When you can control YOU first, you can then have the energy to help or care for others.


That is the only “weird” thing about focusing more on YOU. Most would think that spending more time on your own health would lead to less time or energy for your career, or be with the kids or care for you aging mother. But, in the end you will ALWAYS end up happier when you can handle your shit first 🙂 I have numerous clients that are now seeing exactly this after months and years of time spent on THEMSELVES. I am most focused and motivated to work and grow my business when I am hitting all my workouts and have dialed in nutrition 90% of the time. If it has worked for me it can definitely work for you.



Nahla doesn’t like this heat in Wisconsin lately…


So, here are some tips to deal with those sabotaging you or holding you back from reaching your health goals:

  1. Ask them to join you! They might (probably will actually) say ‘no’ so don’t force it. When they see your results, they might change their mind.
  2. Ignore them. I do a lot of this 🙂 Not easy, but its often just “noise” that you can deal without.
  3. Remind yourself that the goals you want to achieve often require more dedication than what you are doing currently. There is nothing wrong with having a life with more discipline. More discipline with your health can lead to more discipline in your career, relationships and financial life.
  4. Be cocky and just keep telling yourself that you are doing better than everyone else who is sabotaging you 🙂 I am half joking…but not entirely. Weight loss and your health is on YOU and ONLY you. We all need support, but in the end you are the only one that can change your body and health. Weight loss is somewhat of a selfish journey. Nothing wrong with having a bit of chip on your shoulder and being internally cocky…but don’t let it spill out. This will turn the people off whose support you need most.


Nothing you are doing is weird if it’s getting you the results want and you are happier than before 🙂






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